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Dance Pasión Ltd is an Auckland based dance company whose aim is to promote and foster Argentine Tango and Salsa within New Zealand. Our emphasis is on retaining authentic movements & feeling for each dance style while still allowing the individual dance forms to evolve.

Run by directors John Flower and Felicity Rogers, one of Dance Pasion's specialties is performing professional Argentine Tango shows.

For those who wish to learn, John and Felicity teach Salsa & Tango classes for groups, one on one private tuition and corporate teambuilding events throughout NZ.


John Flower has close to 40 years of dance experience that began with ice-skating where he was a Gold Level Ice Dance Champion. He continued on to specialise in South American dance, winning national titles, teaching and performing in the styles of Salsa, Lambada and Argentine Tango.

John is one of the longest running professional Salsa and Argentine Tango teachers in New Zealand with over 20 years of Lambada/Salsa and 15 for Tango. From 1999 John's dance classes and shows formally ran under the name "Tango Tiempo" before forming the company Dance Pasion in 2006.


Felicity FlowerFrom the age of 3 Felicity spent her childhood training and competing in the dance forms of Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Her stage background also includes working as a Magician in professional magic shows from the age of 8.

Felicity was introduced to Argentine Tango in 2000 and has been training & performing with John in New Zealand and Internationally for the last 17 years.

Visit Felicity's website to view her award-winning surreal digital photography & 3D animation.

Dance Pasion directors John & Felicity Flower

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