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Rugby World Cup 2011
September - October 2011
~ Wellington, Palmerston North, Auckland

Dance Pasion join musicians 4XTango on the "Argentina Bus" (with fold out stage) as it tours New Zealand spreading the word about Argentina and all things Tango...

On board the "Argentina Bus" in Wellington during a (very cold!)
early morning TVNZ "Breakfast" show filming.

John & Felicity perform to guests at the "Tango Gala & Charity Ball",
Friday 23 September 2011, Wellington Town Hall. Note the video cameras in the picture - The performance was broadcast live to a TV channel in Argentina during an interview with His Excellency, Fernando Escalona the Argentine Ambassdor to New Zealand.

John & Felicity Tango down at Auckland's viaduct during Rugby World Cup promotions.

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