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Purchase high quality dance shoes
hand made in Argentina

Dance Shoe closing down sale!
We are saying farewell to the dance shoe side of the business
There are a small amount of shoes still available to purchase.
If you see something on this website that you think your may like
please email to arrange a viewing.

All Comme il Faut designer shoes $190   save $110
All other Ladies & Men's shoes $100   save up to $140

Get in quick while stock lasts!

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Ladies Shoes - designer
"Comme il Faut"
Ladies Shoes - high heels
High Heels
from 7cm - 9cm
Ladies Shoes - medium heels
Medium Heels
thin & thick 6.5cm
Ladies Shoes - low heels
Low Heels
thin & block 5.5cm
Mens Shoes

Shoe Information
Shoe Info: origin, materials, deluxe cushioning, sizing, heels, soles, purchasing, postage, returns policy, custom orders etc… Shoe Info: origin, materials, deluxe cushioning, sizing, heels, soles, purchasing, postage, returns policy, custom orders etc…

view our Ladies High Heel rangeABOUT DANCE PASION SHOES
Dance Pasion is the New Zealand dance shoe distributor for Darcos and the famous Tango designer shoes
Comme il Faut. Two of the leading brands of high quality dance shoes from Argentina.

Based in Auckland we offer a range of unique shoe styles, fabrics, and heels to cater for many dancers including:
Argentine Tango | Salsa | Ceroc . . .

John and Felicity started introducing these shoes to the New Zealand market in September 2007 after struggling for years to find quality dance shoes for themselves.

"During my first 5 years of dancing Argentine Tango I had to resort to buying the same boring style of black latin shoe - all that could be found in NZ. I was never much of a shoe fanatic but after my first trip to a dance shoe shop in Buenos Aires I was like a kid in a candy store. The shop was packed full with shoes in glorious colours, fabrics and styles. Needless to say
I don't think I've worn a plain black shoe since!"   Felicity

view our Men's Shoe rangeAll of our shoes are handcrafted in Buenos Aires, made from Argentine leather with top quality raw materials. In addition there may be modern printed fabrics, chamoise, metalised leathers and first quality rayon.

Often we bring in limited runs or 1 off designs. So New Zealand dancers have the luxury of wearing a unique shoe on the dance floor.

In all of the Darcos Men's & Ladies shoes the interior is completely lined in leather with a soft inner sole and deluxe cushioning for long lasting comfort.

view our Dance Sneaker range
We also sell a selection of Dance Sneakers that suit many dance styles and come with a choice of plain or funky fabrics.

Great as a training shoe (especially when doing a series of workshops at a dance festival) or a good option for resting the feet from high heels when out social dancing.

Designed to form to your feet without any added bulky edging the sneakers are completely padded inside the shoe to cushion your foot. They come with a split sole - front half suede and rubber heel.
Some of the sneakers in our catalogue are specifically for Men or Ladies while others are a Unisex fit.
view our Ladies Low Heel range
As dancers (across many genres) we know the importance of having quality, comfortable dance shoes.

view our Ladies Medium Heel rangeWhether for class, practice, social dance, performance or street wear it is important to take care of your feet.

We hope you enjoy browsing our online catalogue :-)

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